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We are a provider of on-demand, supervised, specialized crews for commercial construction. Our crews cover most Eastern / Central time zone states and undertake projects starting at $50,000.

Our Story

In the last 10 years, working in commercial construction, we would see over and over again companies running into the same bottleneck, qualified labor shortage.

It happens in different ways; sometimes there’s an unexpected delay in an ongoing project, which makes it overlap with the next one. Other times, a great opportunity comes by, and there’s not enough people to get it done. In both cases, because of the variability of the construction business, hiring more people on a payroll is not convenient because it increases expenses, requires time and effort in training, and also means they have to be paid just the same when the seasonal workload winds down.

Another option is searching for, and hiring an independent subcontractor. In general, these are single-crew teams, which means that, in the event they don’t show up, or if their work proves to be substandard, there’s no plan B. Also, there is the added task of making sure they follow the required safety standards in order to avoid penalties and liabilities.

From the subcontractor perspective, a single-crew team doesn’t have marketing, or sales people, so it often happens that when they’re performing a job, they don’t have time to look for the next one, so they’re found having idle weeks on a regular basis. It also happens that they may know the labor part, but generally aren’t experts on the business side, which may lead to problems along the road regarding the terms of the agreements.

So, given the big picture, we created SKILLED CREW to solve this exact problem. It’s simple, we have trained crews with the right skills that you can hire on-demand.

But it is not just that, we have multiple crews, so there’s always a backup plan.

Each project is assigned a Project Manager that will personally follow the whole process from the moment you contact us to completion.

We understand that safety is paramount, so our crews go through regular safety trainings.

We know the labour and the business sides, so we create transparent and simple terms in our contracts. We are proud of the work we do, so we hold every single job to be exactly as specified in the scope of work. We encourage our clients to thoroughly inspect every week the work performed to make sure we agree on what has been done, and how. The crews won’t leave the job site until the client is satisfied.

With every skilled crew working on a project, there are two individual contacts (project manager and site supervisor) assigned on a project, therefore we will be easy to reach at all time.

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