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Grow by building your own path

What we value, above anything else is self-reliability and commitment.

We offer great conditions in our comfortably located Atlanta office.

Sales & Estimating

Like every business, we wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for our talented sales staff that show our potential and existing clients how they can benefit from our service. We are looking for talented and driven professionals that have experience in the construction industry to be part of our expanding operations.

Project Managers

Our project managers have a big responsibility, from working in the initial estimations, selecting the right crew for each job, and following the projects until completion, they represent us, and the standard of quality in job performance and customer relations that we would demand ourselves if we were the clients. We only look for smart people that can think fast, and don’t get stuck if a problem arises. Our philosophy is that all problems have a solution, and for that reason, our project managers should be able to find it quickly and efficiently.

Subcontractor Relationship Manager

Without the subcontractors, we wouldn’t exist at all. We want to get the best, and to work with them regularly to build long term relationships. As a Subcontractor Relationship Manager, you would be in charge of finding and screening new subcontractors, as well as relating to the needs and requirements of our hired subs.

To apply for a position please send us your resume:

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